Hello, Hola!

We are a family of photographers, Cristian and Aida, husband and wife, with a huge love for Family Photography.

We are lucky to live on the beautiful island of Ibiza and we would love to meet you here every year.

First and foremost we love our little family, our boys are everything for us, they have changed the us and the way we see the world around us. 

We love to travel to see new places and make new friends, in the last 5 years we lived on 2 continents and 3 countries and in the next 5 we don't know yet.

We love chocolate, dark chocolate, we love ice-cream, strawberry ice-cream (Arthur's favorite), we love rosemary (one of the reasons we moved to Ibiza), we love our life with the sunny days and rainy days, we love sunset and sunrise.

Bellow you can see our Photo Story. A picture is doing the job of 1000 words.

This is our little perfect family! Cristian, Arthur, Zazou and Aida