husband and wife

Adela & Alex after wedding photo session | Ibiza | Experimental Beach

Probably you already know that I love my job, that I love to photograph weddings, and to be the one that is going to bring the time back for the new married couple, every now and then when they will look at their beautiful wedding day photos. I couldn't say that I love more the after wedding photo sessions, but I am really honest now to say that this sessions, for me as a photographer that lives in Ibiza, are a pure joy! I love the emotion of the wedding moments as they are unfolding in front of my camera for an entire day, but in the same time, I am not a great fan of all that rush and stress that is coming in the same box. I love to create beautiful portraits for the bide and groom, but so often the tight schedule of a busy wedding day it allows us to have a very limited and short time for that. And the after the wedding photo session are offering exactly what I love: time to create amazing portraits, to take the bride and groom to beautiful beaches and great sightseeing locations, a relaxed new wife (now) and a happy new husband. The beauty of these photo session is that they don't have an expiration time! You can do it the next day after the wedding or after 2-3 days...or even after a month or a half a year. All you need is LOVE! Like Adela and Alex, here, that they had their wedding in the summer of 2017, and we create this beautiful after the wedding photo session in October last year.

Thank you, guys for these beautiful moments! I loved being your photographer!